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Electrician Kempton Park are licensed and qualified Electrical Contractors in Kempton Park. And have been servicing homes and businesses in the Kempton Park, East Rand area for more than a decade. We take pride in offering expert Electrical Installations, Electrical Repairs, Electrical Maintenance. And 24 Hour Emergency Electrical support in Kempton Park.

Electrical Service Coverage Kempton Park, East Rand
When you need an electrician, you can rely on Electrician Kempton Park to be there. We provide Electrical Services to more than twenty of Kempton Park’s suburbs.


    Household Electrical Services

    Household Electrical Services Kempton Park

    When it comes to your home, we take great care in providing you with Household Electrical Services in Kempton Park that is. Reliable, safe and professional. Only use the best Household Electricians in Kempton Park. Services for your home include: Electrical Fault Finding. Household Electrical Repairs. Wall Plugs. Lighting. LED Lighting. New TV points. Ceiling Fans. Electrical Appliance Installations. Air conditioning. Extensions. Electrical Upgrades. New circuits. Safety Switch Installations. Security Lighting. CCTV Cameras. Outdoor Lighting. Re-wiring. Security Alarms. Pre-Paid Electricity Meters. Telephone Cables. DStv Installations. Home Automation. Access control. Garage Motors. Gate Motors. Under-Floor Heating. Heat Pumps. Solar Power Installations. And Energy Efficiency Installations.

    Commercial Electrical Services

    Commercial Electrical Services Kempton Park

    Kempton Park Electricians understand that when it comes to your business, time is money. Were fast, reliable and cost effective. From maintaining lights, to telephones, networks and back-up power generators. We install, repair and maintain them. We also provide monthly maintenance contracts and can help your business with moving departments. And even moving to new premises. Our Commercial Electricians in Kempton Park, provide the following Commercial Electrical Services in Kempton Park including. Troubleshooting. Computer Wiring. Parking Bay Lighting. Electrical Maintenance Contracts. Restaurant Electrical Maintenance. Motor Control. Trenching. Machine Wiring. Underground Wiring. Lighting Upgrades. Preventative Electrical Maintenance. Hid Lighting and Control. Transformers. Isolated Computer Circuits. Telephone Cables. Data Cables. Lamp Replacing. 1 Phase Circuits. 2 Phase Circuits. 3 Phase Circuits. Specialty Receptacles. Neon Signs. Twist Lock Receptacles. Standby Generator Installations. And Cat5 Cabling.


    Lighting Kempton Park

    Looking to lighten up your home or business? Electricians Kempton Park can help! We offer Home Lighting in Kempton Park. And Commercial Lighting in Kempton Park. To Lighting Design, Lighting Installations, Repairs, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Upgrades. We do it all including Ballast Replacement. Chandeliers. Bulb Replacement. Lighting Controls. Bathroom Lighting. Kitchen Lighting. Recessed Lighting. Motion Sensors. Holiday Lighting. Commercial Specialty Lighting. Retrofit Lighting. Transformers. Landscape Lighting. Light Dimmers. Light Timers. Track Lighting. Accent Lighting. And Security Lighting.


    Electrical Compliance Certificate Kempton Park

    When buying property or selling the property. You will need an Electrical Certificate of Compliance in Kempton Park. Also known as an Electrical Compliance Certificate Kempton Park or COC Kempton Park. The owner of the property handles obtaining the COC and to have it in their possession at all times.

    An Electrical Certificate of Compliance is an official document. Valid for a period of two years. Stating that all electrical installations are, maintained during this time. If there are any extra electrical installations after the issued certificate. A new electrical certificate will need to get issued covering the installation.

    In short, an electrical compliance certificate is a proof. That the installations are safe. And complies with the SABS and is valid for a period of two years.

    When To Call Electrician Kempton Park

    Flickering Lights Kempton Park

    Flickering Lights is often a sign of power supply problems. It may even be poor electrical wiring connection or a faulty fixture. Especially if you’ve changed the light bulb, and the problem persists. Both examples need a qualified electrician. Like Electrician Kempton Park to have a look and fix the problem.

    Tripping DB Board Kempton Park

    Tripping DB Board is a common sign for an overloaded circuit breaker. In today’s modern age, with so many items needing electricity. Often times your home is int equipped to deal with the electricity demand. You will need to get an electrician to upgrade your circuit. To accommodate your growing need for power.

    Warm Plugs Kempton Park

    My electrical wall plugs get warm every time I plug an electrical device into the wall plug. If this is the case, avoid using the plug completely. Faulty wiring can start an electrical fire. Give Electrician Kempton Park a call, to locate and fix the source of the problem.

    Electrical Shocks Kempton Park

    Do you get a mild shock when you touch certain appliances? It’s due to the earth wire in the appliance. Or faulty wiring.

    Answered Electrical Questions By Electrician Kempton Park

    Overloaded circuits are caused when there are too many electrical appliances plugged in and are exceeding the safe level. It will cause your circuit to trip. Check your DB Board and perform this simple test to see if you are overloading your circuit. Start by turning off all your appliances and switch all your wall plugs off. Reset your DB Board and start switching your appliances one at a time. If an appliances trips the electricity then its either the appliance or the wall plug. In this case call Talk Electrician Kempton Park.

    Firstly this should never happen, it could be the electrical appliance not being properly grounded. Please give Talk Electrician Kempton Park a call.

    This is caused by a stray wire. Call Talk Electrician Kempton Park as we will also need to check and correct pipes that are not grounded properly.

    This is due to a hot wire on the electrical box outside your home. And is often caused by the municipal electricity department. Call City of Ekurhuleni – Kempton Park Customer Care Centre 011-999-6322. Or City of Ekurhuleni – Kempton Park Energy Department On 011-999-6435, 011-999-6433 or 011-999-7501.

    Circuit boards that keep on tripping even after pressing the reset can be caused either by overloading your circuit by having to many electrical appliances plugged in. Or it can be an electrical short somewhere from an exposed wire which also has the potential to start a fire. Call Talk electrician Kempton Park we’ll find and fix it fast.

    This is caused by a poor electrical connection that comes on and goes off. This will eventually lead to never coming on. It can also be generating heat which has the potential to cause a fire so give Talk Electrician Kempton Park a call.

    Flickering Lights is often caused by loose wiring which is also a major cause of electrical fires in homes. Switch off the power to your lights at the DB Board. Remove the light fitting and check if you can see any loose wiring. If it looks like it’s loose then give Talk Electricians Kempton Park a call.

    This is caused by the neutral not going back to the DB Board like it should.